How do they work?

There are 5 basic types of operating gear available for Garage Doors – canopy, tracked, sectional, hinged and roller shutter. Not all doors are available in all formats (the gear options for each door are shown below the pictures).

Steel-line roller shutter doors are a vertically opening garage door with a horizontal ribbed steel design. These doors are normally fitted behind the opening without the need for a timber sub frame. The door runs vertically inside tracks fitted to the brickwork either side of the door. A spring located in the drum mechanism above the door aids in the manual operation. Steel-line doors can be ordered as manual or automated with the automation also available as a retro-fit kit.
Thermaglide doors are an insulated vertically ribbed door made from horizontal ribbed extruded aluminium offering both sound and thermal insulation. These doors are pre-fitted with remote operation. They are not available as a manual door. The door opens vertically within a powder coated channel fitted either side of the door. The channels can be fitted either within or behind the opening offering complete flexibility. Standard features include a courtesy light which can be fitted inside or outside and infra-red magic eye sensors to halt operation in an object obstructs the door.
Canopy doors have a spring fitted across the head of the door which is attached to the door using a door arm. Two roller spindles are attached to the side of the door which roll up and down in the side tracks fitted to the back of the side frames. When the door is in the open position approximately one third of the door sticks out from the opening, hence creating a canopy. Canopy doors are ideal for customers requiring manual operation.
Hinged Doors. Often referred to as the traditional type of garage door, the side hinged door does not need much explanation. The doors normally open outwards and are hung from the side frames by hinges. As standard the locking mechanism consists of a Yale night latch and 2 tower bolts.
A sectional door, as the name implies, is made up from separate sections rather than a single panel. The door opens vertically along tracks fitted either side of the door before retracting horizontally along tracks inside the garage. Spring mechanisms vary, some having springs located above the door, some located either side of the door. The panels are supplied in 2 standard designs, horizontal ribbed or Georgian The doors are available in single skin or insulated versions.
Tracked, or retractable doors have springs down either side of the door which are fitted to the back of the side frames and attached to the door with a pivot arm each side. Roller spindles are fitted towards the top corners of the door and travel back into the garage along a suspended track. When the door is in the open position almost the entire door is retracted within the garage. Retractable doors are recommended where automation is required.